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Every creator needs an inspiration, a thought and a model (3 raw materials)  - audience completes the creation itself. A nude model could be posing for hours and might be wondering what the sculptor is up to and may even suspect about the creator's intention. But at the end of the day, no soul will regret about what has been created or how. It simply cherishes the fraction of immortality gained by being the prototype of something, which is going to live forever. They simply forget and forgive the purpose of the creation too, however obscene or offending it might be. More than the model and the audience, the creator knows what is needed to this universe and why. Faith, blinded by the sudden completeness of life along with shared responsibility - is more than enough to satisfy the contributor (model).

There are times a creator never gets a chance to acknowledge the raw material that had contributed to something which was created in his / her stupid little brain. But generally the creator will be desperate to declare his sources to the world. No secret is withheld regarding the source as the creator knows it is not the raw material that differentiates him/her from others but what actually separates him/her is the way s/he feels-sees-hears-senses-relates-touches and the gift to convert a seemingly useless raw material into something very useful and admirable. 

So, The way the creator sees-feels.... - is that the conclusion? This means that there can be no creator without an admirer (an audience) and that translates to the creator being the first audience. In order to be created as something, an entity must reach the point of breaching the normal barrier and desperately seek the 'abnormal' status. Very few creations are made out of seemingly normal entities (even for a creator to notice them). In essence, every creator is compelled to create something to sustain a reaction to his/her uncontrollable impulse. Only special entities are hence transformed into raw materials in the first place.

Only a creator understands the different layers, its composition and its relative thickness. An admirer merely enjoys the guess work more than anything and the true success of a creator is to make the admirer guess something entirely different and still retain the admirer's amusement. The more tangential guesses made the greater is the success of the creation. Here is what most creators enjoy in silence - the thirst, the ecstasy caused by their creation in someone else's heart. However the greatest achievement will be placing the cards right before the audience yet making the cards invisible to the eyes of the audience.

A critic is born a fraction of a second after the admirer is born. So an admirer first, a critic next and only then a creator. Both the ways we see, the life of a creation always is conceptualized by an admirer, modeled by the creator and authorized by the critic. Eventually all these 3 should be within the same person who thought about classifying a special entity into a source for creation. It all ends up with the creator again. The entity by itself could always be present in the lives of the non creators; but purely by the choice of the creator does it actually get turned into a creation and no one else's.

A creator has a special relationship with his/her raw materials (with life or without life). S/he has an unique fondness for these that no one else might ever understand. It is because due to these s/he was able to give birth to another creation - so if s/he is one parent then the raw material definitely is the better half. But very few understand this invisible family connection, the less enlightened always feel that the creator is exploiting his/her resources for their own benefit and operate on their own. That is a typical thinking of a Non-creator whose life goal has always been to be concerned about the result than spend at least half a second in his/her entire life to validate the process followed by a Creator.

It is quite a gift to be the resource if not the creator. Nothing else can repay the resource than a declaration of its usage to the world - its rightful coupling with the creator. And especially any resource will be in heaven when it knows that, it/he/she apart from being a contributor is the official critic and the biggest admirer of the creation and the creator as well; a very rare thing that seldom happens to a resource and its creator. :)

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