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Sunday, September 01, 2013



Every creator needs an inspiration, a thought and a model (3 raw materials)  - audience completes the creation itself. A nude model could be posing for hours and might be wondering what the sculptor is up to and may even suspect about the creator's intention. But at the end of the day, no soul will regret about what has been created or how. It simply cherishes the fraction of immortality gained by being the prototype of something, which is going to live forever. They simply forget and forgive the purpose of the creation too, however obscene or offending it might be. More than the model and the audience, the creator knows what is needed to this universe and why. Faith, blinded by the sudden completeness of life along with shared responsibility - is more than enough to satisfy the contributor (model).

There are times a creator never gets a chance to acknowledge the raw material that had contributed to something which was created in his / her stupid little brain. But generally the creator will be desperate to declare his sources to the world. No secret is withheld regarding the source as the creator knows it is not the raw material that differentiates him/her from others but what actually separates him/her is the way s/he feels-sees-hears-senses-relates-touches and the gift to convert a seemingly useless raw material into something very useful and admirable. 

So, The way the creator sees-feels.... - is that the conclusion? This means that there can be no creator without an admirer (an audience) and that translates to the creator being the first audience. In order to be created as something, an entity must reach the point of breaching the normal barrier and desperately seek the 'abnormal' status. Very few creations are made out of seemingly normal entities (even for a creator to notice them). In essence, every creator is compelled to create something to sustain a reaction to his/her uncontrollable impulse. Only special entities are hence transformed into raw materials in the first place.

Only a creator understands the different layers, its composition and its relative thickness. An admirer merely enjoys the guess work more than anything and the true success of a creator is to make the admirer guess something entirely different and still retain the admirer's amusement. The more tangential guesses made the greater is the success of the creation. Here is what most creators enjoy in silence - the thirst, the ecstasy caused by their creation in someone else's heart. However the greatest achievement will be placing the cards right before the audience yet making the cards invisible to the eyes of the audience.

A critic is born a fraction of a second after the admirer is born. So an admirer first, a critic next and only then a creator. Both the ways we see, the life of a creation always is conceptualized by an admirer, modeled by the creator and authorized by the critic. Eventually all these 3 should be within the same person who thought about classifying a special entity into a source for creation. It all ends up with the creator again. The entity by itself could always be present in the lives of the non creators; but purely by the choice of the creator does it actually get turned into a creation and no one else's.

A creator has a special relationship with his/her raw materials (with life or without life). S/he has an unique fondness for these that no one else might ever understand. It is because due to these s/he was able to give birth to another creation - so if s/he is one parent then the raw material definitely is the better half. But very few understand this invisible family connection, the less enlightened always feel that the creator is exploiting his/her resources for their own benefit and operate on their own. That is a typical thinking of a Non-creator whose life goal has always been to be concerned about the result than spend at least half a second in his/her entire life to validate the process followed by a Creator.

It is quite a gift to be the resource if not the creator. Nothing else can repay the resource than a declaration of its usage to the world - its rightful coupling with the creator. And especially any resource will be in heaven when it knows that, it/he/she apart from being a contributor is the official critic and the biggest admirer of the creation and the creator as well; a very rare thing that seldom happens to a resource and its creator. :)

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Friday, August 16, 2013

Stay Thirsty! Stay Famished!- Lifecycle of a Bottle

Stay Thirsty! Stay Famished!- Lifecycle of a Bottle

I am not going to cover any new topic in this post but continue with the old one in an elaborate manner as I was not able to fit the below in the previous posts properly... Machiavellianism ahead!

Sometimes I wonder how to explain human culture and its various sex dimensions (minus reproduction part) to a person who just suddenly appears amongst us and who has no empathy or who has no selfish gene or is one of Giorgio A. Tsoukalos’ “definitely ALIENS” or whatever… but here we go…

Initially all kids are born without bottles and there is no thirst only happiness and curiosity. As they grow up, girls and boys develop the concept of water as the thirst is first identified and slowly increases. Touch and Sight seems to be the general trigger for thirst. Soon the elders group around and assign a fancy bottle with their own labels and production process from their HOLY factory to each girl and guy with a rule DO NOT LOSE THE BOTTLE! From here the fun starts…

a.     Guys see the bottles as a burden and they wish to lose it at their first opportunity.

b.    Girls see the bottles as an “asset”. (You see the conflict starts right at the beginning :P)

c.     Bottles are NOT supposed to touch each other. Guys and girls are not supposed to talk about water or bottle with each other.

d.    Guys are not to go near elder girls’ bottles specifically.

e.     You are not to put all the bottles in a bag and ask whoever is thirsty to drink from any of the bottles. That is a gravely strict NO! The law of scarcity prevails!

f.     Guys keep tossing their bottles just to forego the responsibility of guarding it and their favorite place is to throw it into the girls’ camp. And they hope to drink water from any or all of the girls’ bottles.

g.    Girls keep throwing away other bottles as far as away from their bottle not even other girls’ bottles are allowed near. However they never lose their sight on their bottle even for a second.

h.     Guys who were playful, stupid and considerate beings suddenly become rebellious, insensitive, highly obsessed, damn-you-bottle humans.

i.      Girls who were very carefree and fun creatures suddenly become over-sentimental, over-cautious, manipulative, possessive-about-bottle humans.

j.      When a guy / girl manage to lose their bottles and start drinking water for a legit thirst from wherever water is available they are outcast with weird terms and signboards around their neck “man with loose bottle cap on the loose” or “woman with the bitcher-er awaits you…”

However mostly this is what happens…

k.     As time goes on both guys and girls start getting too obsessed about the bottle theory and they become so emotionally dependent on their bottles that you need not hit them left and right with a bat to hurt them. Instead you may merely gesture that you would like to hit their parents’ bottles for a six with your bat. That’s all it is required for a riot!

l.      Weirdly guys celebrate when they lose their bottles; many girls chose to cry when they lose it even for a minute. They wouldn’t even take it back if someone explains, “Hey! Look here is your bottle nothing happened! Stop crying!” All it takes is a bottle to limit her powers and talent. Thirsty, No happiness and No curiosity.

So when these two different species want to live together then what happens…? Love happens.

m.   In Pre requirement stage, people flaunt their bottles for comparison. There may even be wars on who has how many bottles or whose bottle is big or whose bottle resembles a factory prescribed shape.

n.     When people fall in love, they write love songs about others and a hell a lot of rulebooks about their bottles. Most of the time, the pure love which started their journey is destroyed by the disputes over the water bottles. When, How and who should touch which bottle becomes an unsolved equation for both these different species and they chose to hate each other.

o.    Both are not to carry any other bottle/drink water from any other source.

p.    Some even decide not to open their bottles until they are married, no matter how thirsty they are.

q.    Some just drink water, quench their thirst and try to drink it many times and if they realize that they do not like the others’ water anymore, move along with / without their bottle to the next person. Less thirst, Happiness, No curiosity.

After love, its marriage – no more straightforward talking is possible for both the species.

r.      In Pre requirement stage, people flaunt their unopened bottles to show how crystal clear and pure the water is. Very less value is given to the purity and nobility of their thoughts. Everything depends on a stupid bottle again.

s.     They keep searching for the right person with the right bottle to match because at this point the main pre-requisite for marriage is “Are you worth your bottle and your fiancé’s bottle waters combined?” and the other pre-requisite is money (now making an alien understand about this self-made blood sucking devil would run a hundred blog posts)

After finding the much hyped ONE

t.      Marriage ceremony by itself is a great anticlimax in which after all the fuss about forbidding people to drink water, lose their bottles and forcing everyone to be thirsty at the risk of death from dehydration, they perform simple meaningless gestures or tasks and suddenly ask you to go drink water, enjoy! If you always thought marriage would have been some highly scientific, meaningful, sophisticated, hardest, toughest thing to do and hence I was forced to be thirsty all my adolescent age, it is just an elder society’s way of playing an elaborate prank and telling “April Fool”. No rocket science there, just turn your bottle cap 3 times anticlockwise or put a ring on the bottle neck or change your bottle cap to a different colour or couple of signs on a paper, etc. But after this, they do not even tell you how to drink your water! At least they leave that to the couples’ instincts! Thank my Rowling!

u.     However one of them (mostly the husband) whose thirst is now equivalent to that of drinking a waterfall is shown an old water bottle! To insult him completely, she tells him not only to use two bottles to quench his thirst but also invites him for a bath together in those bottles of water.

v.     After marriages both bottles are taken and locked up safely and the key remains with the wife who doesn’t know that locking up his bottle doesn’t solve his thirst while her life completely starts revolving around those two bottles.

w.    Drinking water / new water container creation process should happen in a specific water storage unit. Especially there is a big NO NO if you are even remotely thinking about it in your HOLY factory. Imagine that, you are not to even think about creating new water containers in the very place where they came up with the fancy bottles your parents gave you and the HOLY factory CEOs where supposed to be the leading creators of this world. Forget about creating your container there! If the CEOs create, it is HOLY, but not for us. Fascism!

x.     Within / After few years they produce few little cups to hold water. They seek advice from their older leaking bottles about how to handle the water. These old bottles start a huge self-praising lecture about water being so sacred and how they poured and shared with each other when they were young bottles themselves. After listening to this, couples start filling up their little cups with their water theory while they spill a whole lot of water as the cup grows into a jug or some other water container. They believe their thirst reduces once they pour water into these cups but the guy has lost his valuable water molecules which could naturally make him thirstier!

y.     Soon you will see pictures of imperfect tiny cups in albums / social websites and others keep commenting, “Oh such a factory made 3d printed velvet touch unbreakable tiny cup!”

z.     Then mostly the husband bottle has tolerance issues. He finds it extremely frustrating when he has to perform a certain ritual every single time in order to persuade the wife bottle to have a drink together. Soon he will get to master his thirst or break his bottle and go searching for better bottles! Many times women bottles contribute to the problems of fellow women so easily.

aa.  Meanwhile, they put their little cups into the same cycle again. Guys being the selfish brutes themselves end up teaching their new little cups about how to stay thirsty because he is still thirsty and he definitely doesn’t want his kids to quench their thirst too! :D

bb.  If your daughter shares her water with a guy you don’t like, you beat him up and kill and bury your daughter and their bottles separately. Extremely thirsty / No thirst, No happiness, Lots of curiosity

While you are wondering why the fuss about a bottle 

cc.  Again, you will have the conservativ-tionists say - Only beasts should drink from the stream, lakes or rivers and swim in it. We humans are technologically and culturally advanced – as a proof of that we have over 7 billion sophisticated bottles- each bottle special and unique in its own way. And we should not think about the abundant FREE water bodies but live an esteemed life of drinking from an old stinking bottle.

dd.  People will also be invited to specific classes with expensive yearly subscriptions- To use your contextual and imaginative mind powers to replace the original water bodies with the all-important YOUR BOTTLE.

ee.  So while they listen and follow these conservativ-tionists and define their whole life by chasing a bottle and stay away from nature’s water bodies – you will discover the conservativ-tionists go scuba diving in the deepest oceans!

ff.    At the end, when they die and think they are free at last, few heartless brainless walking tumors will bury their bottle next to them for their future lives! Ensuring that even in their next life they will get the same recycled water bottle so that even in the next lifetime they can - Stay Thirsty! Stay famished!

At the end, the alien may ask, “Why don’t you folks throw the bottle away?” You look at him bewildered because that was a WHY question. You give the alien another chance, “Any other question?”

Alien might ask, “Where is this bottle you have been talking about? I don’t see it anywhere!”

Cool! Delivering the final punch, with a smile, “There is no water bottle. It is an inherited disease by the masses similar to visual Paranoid schizophrenia! The Bottle was never there. Humans seem to see it from their young age as their parents kept pounding it into their heads! We simply made it up!”

To be continued…

Meanwhile, for all girls who helped me write this up by contributing since my childhood, thanks and I have to say in gratitude I had a bottle for each of you in my bag just in case you lost yours. But you never asked: P

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Friday, August 09, 2013

Stay Thirsty! Stay Famished!- Waterbottle Exaggeration

Stay Thirsty! Stay Famished!- Waterbottle Exaggeration

Read  Part I before you continue...

My great chemistry teacher once said – “You may answer many how's and what's but you cannot answer many why's!” So this is a difficult thing to proceed and especially with a taboo topic (even within couples). I have to come up with a reverse allegorical exaggeration to explain few everyday seconds in our human lives by using water and bottles.

            Imagine you ate huge amounts of salt and you slowly become thirsty. You are dry-thirsty, your tongues are cracking, you are panting and you can feel the dusty dryness on your throats and you do not drink water. Once you are thirsty, people give you a bottle full of water and ask you to carry it around but you are forbidden from drinking from it or any water for that matter. You follow this rule, not for few minutes, few hours, days, weeks or months but for years at least a decade. You only do empty swallows merely imagining you are drinking from a waterfall for the next 15 years. You’ve been brought up to believe that drinking water before marriage without a life partner is the worst thing in life. You too choose this suffering in the hope that when you actually get to drink the water with your partner both can enjoy it together without limits. But do not forget that you are thirsty every second of every hour, every day for more than a decade.

            But that is not the only pain you have to endure. People will start walking up to you and say – “You are selfish to want to drink water in the first place! Since it is a bad need / want that is unhealthy for this society.” You begin to wonder at this preaching and its validity all the while being thirsty. Just to revolt, you might entertain the idea of drinking the water with someone else but sooner you might wonder if my future water bottle partner would like the idea of me having drunk the water already. You debate about this problem within your mind your entire adolescent period (present v/s future) and unable to decide without knowing how your future water-sharer will react, you take a safe dangerous position – you remain THIRSTY.

            If this is not enough, society imposes more verbal rules as you grow –

a)     You are not allowed to talk about thirst. No questioning, nothing!

b)    You are not allowed to talk about drinking water either (without waiting for others) because that is not the fucking point of being thirsty

c)     You are not to mention about the thirst in a public place because suddenly all the thirsty people will blame they are actually not thirsty but you made them feel thirsty by mentioning either "thirst" or "water" or worse you “polluted” the whole environment with your water!

Once your questioning and speaking rights have been silenced, the philosophical folks jump in with their explanation for human thirst.

a)     Why cannot I drink water with anyone else who is thirsty? -> They will say it is not about your thirst / water but it’s about the availability limit of the water which makes us to come up with these rules.

b)    Sometimes they will say this is not ordinary water - if you drink it once your thirst may only increase more.

c)     If you drink it with more than one - it will contaminate the water and you may get a disease as well

Fine, you slowly outlast your thirst every day inch by inch and one day you find your pair (marriage!) with a water bottle. After so many such days of trying to figure a safe way to taste the water you suddenly end up with that one person who is authorized to relieve you of your thirst. If you are happy, meaning you are a good example of real life Mr. & Mrs. Focker, its fine! But what iffffff (just for some psychotic fun J)–

a)     Both of your bottles do not match in size (doesn’t matter whose is bigger)

b)    Your partner is not thirsty enough like you are. The partner needs just a sip and you’ve been thirsty for so long and so much thirsty that even a waterfall down your throat is not good enough

c)     Makes you feel guilty for being thirsty with the same reasons you’ve been brought up since your moment of puberty

d)    Brag to their friends about drinking water with you just twice a week. Shouldn’t it be a daily activity? an everyday chores for both of you? I hope there is a conversation like this one day between a husband and a wife after a fight -> Wife – “Don’t show your anger on food! Let’s eat.” Husband – “Don’t show your anger on water! Let’s drink :P”

e)     OR OR OR – both are so equally bloody thirsty and both your jug of water dries up!

What do you guys do when this is the norm? We search for answers wherever we find. We become multi-talented just to make us forget that thirst. We scare, fight, compete, invent, stay awake, pray and do a whole basket of nonsense to make ourselves forget the thirst which runs as an invisible thread process behind all our actions. We drool on like this for maybe couple of more decades and most of us will die without their thirst quenched for sustainable amount of time and still trying to safeguard the stupid jug of water for the moment we can drink it with the ONE.

We are fighting against the thirst, a millennia of un-evolving traditions, illogical non solution oriented society and of course an entire generation where even watching free flowing water is scarce and illegal compared to bottled overpriced packaged water which is illegal to possess in few regions of the world... even the places it is legal to possess you have the tradition of ONE to follow and the ONE may charge you very dearly for dreaming about water. Worse, half of them are not at all thirsty but after taking two sips with you, they say Look I had water for you and with you only so beware you stick to your ONE rule no matter how thirsty you are. After all this they are called as the side which sacrificed and men are the thirsty mindless heartless zombies. But you should know few of us don’t care about anything after a while and they just go ahead and drink water no matter the source and no matter the company. But many of us, just die of a thirst - a feeling by then we realize has neutralized our senses to urge us to drink, a forgotten feeling gone numb.

Women are oblivion to this sacrifice we make. Funnily no one seems to care about our thirst nor our sacrifice: D. Worse, slowly the water and thirst have been categorized into a guilty pleasure from a basic human need and if we do not wake up, who knows it might even be slowly turned into a legal punishable act of the severest kind (It is already so by my college rules!). It is been looked upon as a polluting commodity similar to a plastic bag that everyone uses but no one talks about and everyone wishes it decomposes sooner. Will the situation change if we convert this plastic into a multi useful, instant bio degradable, natural fertilizer and make it cheap? Will the controlling people let us do that? It is a wild guess!

But until then spare some thought for your poor husbands ;-). With a thirst similar to the sucking power of a blackhole, they show such a control on their feelings. They work, protect, serve, solve issues and sometimes help you out in kitchen as well and despite all this no songs are written by his kids for him but rather to his wife! You only see Mom songs and poems everywhere - माँ मेरी माँ प्यारी माँ Mumma OR காலையில் தினமும் கண் விழித்தாள் (I start my day with this song: p) Even then, he will fight with his kids stating –“my mom is better than your mom! Boo!” and starts dreaming about his MOM song (his dad is nowhere in his thoughts!)

Motherhood though is the greater gift for sure, has its limitations as well. I mean, men restrain their thirst with their controlling switch. Women too have a similar switch to switch ON/OFF love. Yes, women have the capability to love and care infinitely but under the blanket of motherhood you see most of them preserve this gift for their families ALONE and are obsessed about it. I mean women sometimes are so lost many times that they misuse their superpower to separate their husbands from his friends, parents, passion and duty to this society. They preserve and over care for their kids at the cost of others’ kids, families and lives. Their self-obsession has no limits (here self refers to her family). Is it the only way motherhood can be showered effectively and efficiently? I wish there are better examples in our lives.

At least at the end, I need to tell why men and women like sex so much? Here is a cool TED talk that gives you a simple and brilliant answer. Enjoy folks!

In addition, how do guys value all the above things? Below is a summarized graphical representation of things I couldn’t put into proper words so I drew what was in my mind.

In case you are not able to connect to the graph, consider this –
a)     Graph represents Value / Worth of different people / aspects. It does not mean his priorities nor his thoughts or actions. (For eg. If a bitter lover seeks him for help at the same time his friend seeks a help, he may or may not help his friend. But the value for his friend in his mind might always be above his bitter lover)

b)    Judge a man by his friends is the rule here. Everything revolves around how he values friendship. Everything is above / below that. If he doesn’t value good friends, the chance is he wouldn’t value you greatly either.

c)     Dislike girls – Normally experienced by guys during their school / college days. Especially when they are not able to handle the selfish mean ones.

d)    Due to graph overcrowding, couldn’t afford to represent few things like – Parents, Religion, Money, Passion, etc

Decipher the rest yourself! Until then - Stay Thirsty! Stay Famished!

To be continued…

Read Part 3 here

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Friday, August 02, 2013

Stay Thirsty! Stay Famished! - Power of sex

Stay Thirsty! Stay Famished!
Many women wonder, why are their husbands obsessed with sex? Here is an answer very few husbands dare to tell their women. Alert - Pure Mopper’s Mindtricks ahead! You have been warned! :D
Only thing to consider – Point - a.1.1. This is purely a one sided write up. Hey! Someone has to tell our side of the story in this rapidly feminizing world…
             First things first – your husbands are doing a service by enjoying their life only with you. I sense your mind voice – “What? I am the one doing all the work for him. I am the service provider and he is the stupid exploiter.” But you have to refer to the point a.1.1 above. So please stop asking questions and read on… 
            Let us assume that a guy comes to know about “how to make babies” or to be exactly truthful “how to fool around girls” at the age of 13-15. They become obsessed with the idea then and there. No one is out of their radar and he is just thinking about it every second of every year till he gets married or whatever (which is roughly another 14 – 15 years). The levels of testosterone run high during this period and he has to work out, play, be a workaholic, be extra ordinarily creative or just plain be bloody busy with ridiculous schedules the whole day. These are the ways in which guys counter their natural urges. Many researches suggest that higher achieving men are mostly driven by or at least have higher levels of this wonder hormone. So after all this when he gets married he expects a bit lot more from you. These are the things that frankly do not help the cause –

Ø  Make him beg to see your Mock ramp walk in his favorite lingerie of yours just once a month / during that rare moment when you want to please him
Ø  Fake interest shown just before you guys hit the sack
Ø  You getting your shopping done by him in exchange for a “wonderful” night once a month
Ø  Making him feel like a criminal convicted of lust whenever he needs something extraordinary
Ø  When you are too scared of pain and don’t let him near you at all. This irritates even most women about women especially the next day, if you call up your girlfriend and try to flaunt your innocence and chastity by asking stupid question - "What should I do if it should not pain?" and your friend yells at you for a millionth time "Grease the gates, just open it! Keep communicating"
Ø  Pulling the ON/OFF defense on men (argument where women say we cannot get turned on as you wish we need a complete day to get turned on. And my Gosh! You bloody are never OFF! :P)
Ø  Abstinence - Trying to explain to your husband that sex is only meant for having kids. And you already have four!
Ø  Exhibiting the sacrificial face as if you did him a great favor by sleeping together almost EVERYTIME
Ø  “I feel like sleeping today” on Friday nights when he has just finished reading “101 ways to break the bed”.
Ø  Kids have to sleep in the middle. Poor fellow will fall down.
Ø  Can we let my mom sleep on the bed? Let’s go to the hall! She has a problem sleeping on the floor.
Ø  In the middle of the session, asking him – “Did you turn off the gas knob? Can I check on it?”
Ø  When he places his hands on you, “Hold on! I need to talk to you about what your mom did today.”
Ø  After watching a spicy movie just before action and you want to sleep desperately, you make sure that the trailer shown to the husband has the climax package squeezed in somehow as well. (;-) you know what I am talking about :P) You 420!
Ø  Or better after watching a spicy movie and when he could run a 1500 km sprint in 10 seconds, you say to him, “I do not feel anything, I swear! Can we watch something else?”
Ø  when you make him realise that giving a full body massage while he narrating an erotic story will mostly not charge you to become a seductress but a sleeping beauty
Ø  On your Honeymoon, when the guy wants to just relax and have you as his lunch the whole stupid day. You say – “Why don’t we do hill climbing today, go through the bushes, dive into the beach and eat corn?” He too wants to do the same thing but with YOU in the suite room ;)
Ø  My all-time favorite – In your First Night “We do not know each other well. Can we just postpone this until we are comfortable with each other?” In the hope of finding out – what kind of a guy by man is, whether he respects Women liberty or is he a lusty maniac? Perfect Timing! That too after you got married, huh? Brilliant, did you take 2 spoons of Einstein every day for 20 years? (one before you wake up and another after you go to sleep)

But having said that let me also list the moments when a guy does not want to have sex (i.e he is only 99% interested to have it) –

Ø  When he is having a severe diarrhea (to be honest I cannot think of anything else! :-D. Below things are just to inflate the list to create the delusion that guys are multidimensional as well)
Ø  During a live match on the TV (But even then we guys imagine to maximize the situation by wondering how to convince you to watch the TV along with us sans dress – parallel processing)
Ø  When he is working on something more addictive than having a session with you (“something”–> video chatting on Paltalk, shaking away on WeChat, arranging a gangbang for his bachelor friends, working on an assignment meant to be finished 2 weeks ago, etc)

            Just staying with this topic, I just want to stress that Men are not like women; which means there are situations in which you may never even entertain the idea of sex but it may not hold good for your guys in the same situation. Below are such situations in which you are fine and available to a certain degree to have fun but your guy may not be fine physically or mentally and you misread his condition and treat him like a mom does her kids. These are the situations where the guy (not sure how many assuming at least some of them) needs it the most and the rare moment in which he wouldn’t ask you since if you say NO, he will lose his sanity. But trust me he needs it and he may not even know it. This varies from person to person and you should tread these waters carefully as per your guy and nevertheless shouldn’t fake your advances. I mean this is one moment in our dumb lives we read a girl’s body language and her thoughts fully and know your intentions exactly. So we wouldn’t want to do it if you don’t do it from your heart. So these are the situations where you have to seduce us how many ever times we neglect or even if we give you the “disgust” look for a change (this also acts as a measure of how much you love us) –

Ø  Bad day at office. Yes! You might want to go and rest if you had a stupid day at office. Not guys! We need a good fuck after we’ve been screwed at office. So don’t console him here. Do it after the session! Power of sex to be used as a care-taking friend. (He will be wild and rough today)
Ø  Had a fight with a dear one (his friend, dad, or even you). Give it some time. Let him calm down. Spend some quality time if he wishes or give him his space. If he wishes to go play games, jog, or read a book, let him do it. But wait for him to come back (do not go to sleep thinking, “Oh! He needs time to read his inspirational book!). Let him get startled by the fact that you have not gone to sleep and is still waiting for you. Then you invite him, seduce him and you will have one crazy passionate session which you never thought was capable from your guy. You think we are single dimensional on bed. We do both the hard and soft stuff. Power of sex as the best means to understand LOVE.
Ø  Going to jail or has come back from it. Just do it, if you think he is innocent or even if he is not! :D. Power of sex as the All-forgiving saint.
Ø  When he has a fever or cold and dead tired and his limbs are aching. YES! Again! Oh! Please will you stop rolling your EYES? He may not be physically ready to do it but you are fine and you can at least excite him towards his climax if not a slow motion session or at least a proper show! You will see the power of sex as a medicine – elixir of life. Just google “sex during fever”.
Ø  When he is feeling nostalgic about his lost childhood / friends / ex-lover / ex-wife. This is tricky. You have to be sensitive about his feelings a bit more here. Be confident, caring, hot, playful, mature, best seductress, friend in need, warm and slow in approach all at a time. And I have to bow down - only a girl can do this all at once with the right mixture (at last I have to compliment you somewhere). He needs it now though. Power of sex ensuring the ultimate bonding and fusing of two souls. No chatting, no spending time together, no mimicking a heroine, no learning his favorite sport will give you this bonding. Because you are being your TRUESELF here.
Ø  When he has an unbelievable great day at office, trip with his friends, college, achieved something, your daughter got married to the perfect guy, etc. Little seduction is required here but I mention this point for two reasons – a) you might believe he may not exactly require it since he is overwhelmingly happy and super tired today b) you may miss out on an opportunity to know the real guy in him by not having it. If you have the session on this day, you not only find all the dimensions of your guy because he surely will try out every bloody thing but also it is a nice way to attain moksha and feel the revelation of the power of sex as the ultimate purpose of human life.
 But I have not yet started answering the question with which I started this blog… to be continued….

Part 2 - Watterbottle Exaggeration

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